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Cabinet washing machine Viverk VKT-94-F-Junior

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Article Code 60A-00020

Maker Viverk Weight
Model VKT-94-F-Junior Size
Ser. No 2-1280 Condition 6-7/10
Year 2002 Delivery Code 999-201063


One-step chamber washer, front-loading with manual door. Washing table is easily to push into the washing chamber on a sliding strip. The workpieces are flush while the table/basket rotates according to set time and temperature. The flushing ramps are equipped with adjustable flushing nozzles and completely enclose the goods and give full flushing action from all sides, even from below. On the roof of the machine is a built-in fan mounted.

Max weight at table: 75 kg

Max size at work piece LxWxH: 600x600x600 mm

Tank volume: 600 liter

Heating effect: 9 kW

Max washing temperature: 80 °C

Pump capacity: 180 l/min

Connection power: 12 kW

Main power supply: 400 V 3-phase

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