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Telwin Tecnica Plasma 31 (SPEC. OFFER)

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Article Code TW815014

Maker Telwin Weight 6,4 kg
Model Tecnica Plasma 31 Size 40 x 15 x 23,5 cm
Ser. No Condition 10/10
Year Delivery Code

Tool accessories

Plasma torch 4M and earth clamp


Attention! 4 500 SEK are only valid for machines that we have in stock! Inverter, compressed air plasma cutting system, with contact striking of pilot arc. Allows a rapid, distortion-proof cutting of all conductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
- reduced weight and dimensions
- warning led for torch under voltage, protections
- torch automatic cooling
- visualization of air pressure
- thermostatic, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protections

Current range: 5-25 A

Max current: 25A at 20%

Max no load voltage: 430 V

Max absorbed current: 19 A

Max cutting thickness: 8 mm

Compressor air capacity: 100 l/min

Comressor air pressure: 5-6 bar

Protection degree: IP23

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