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Electro-hydraulic press AC P100 EH2-D3

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Article Code 9830131

Maker AC Weight 1215 kg
Model P100 EH2-D3 Size
Ser. No Condition 10/10
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Electro-hydraulic 2-stage pump (Press speed: 6,2 mm/sec). Adjustable pressure to any required tonnage up to 100 t. Long piston stroke of 300 mm (double-acting). Wide, welded frame and press table that are vertical adjustable with winch. Removable ram end cap for mounting of various piston heads. The motor is 3x400V and 50/60 Hz (can be switched for 3x230V). Supplied with 2 vee blocks.

Pressure: 100 ton

Stroke length: 300 mm

Height: 2040 m

Width including motor: 1765 mm

Width between legs: 1100 mm

Width between legs: 325 mm

Clearance: 35-635 mm

Pressure speed: 6,2 mm/sec

Return speed: 8,3 mm/sec

Weight: 1215 kg

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