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Telwin Inverpulse 425

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Article Code TW815479

Maker Telwin Weight 99 kg
Model Inverpulse 425 Size 113 x 58 x 122 cm
Ser. No Condition 10/10
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Tool accessories

Universal trolley wire feeder MIG torche 3M work clamp with cable with cable 3M gas regulator 2 manometers and gas bottle adaptor


Microprocessor controlled, MIG-MAG, FLUX/BRAZING,TIG-DC lift and MMA inverter welding machine with separate 4 rolls wire feeder. Flexibility of use with a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, HSS high strength steels, galvanised sheets, aluminium and its alloys. The SYNERGIC function allows for a rapid and easy setting of the welding programmes and grants always a high control both of the arc and of the quality of the welding.
* Continous, Pulse and Pulse on Pulse operation (PoP)
* 50 pre-set synergic programmes
* Storage of 40 customized welding programmes and of the last 10 alarm states
* Possibility to connect to computers or industrial lines
* Bi-level, post-gas time, current down slope, electronic reactance, wire feeder start up, burn-back time
* Choice of 2/4 times, spot, bi-level operation
* Thermostatic, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase failure protections

Current range: 10-400 A

Current range at 60%: 300 A

Max current: 350 A at 35%

Main fuse: 16 A

Steel welding wire: 0,6-1,6 mm

Alu. welding wire: 0,8-1,6 mm

Electrodes in DC: 1,6-6 mm

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