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Telwin Technomig 225 PULSE + MIG KIT

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Article Code TW852026

Maker Telwin Weight 27 kg
Model Technomig 225 Pulse Size 51 x 25 x 43 cm
Ser. No Condition 10/10
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Tool accessories

Complete with MIG-MAG welding accessories.


Microprocessor controlled, MIG-MAG, (PULSE)/FLUX/BRAZING, TIG-DC LIFT and MMA inverter welding machine. The SYNERGIC function allows for a rapid and easy setting of the welding programmes and grants always a high control both of the arc and of the quality of the welding. The synergy and the remote regulation of the welding parameters make it particularly suitable for use in the industrial field. Particularly suitable for welding aluminium, galvanised sheets, HSS high strength steels, stainless steel.
* 15 standard and possibility to store 10 customized welding programmes
* Regulation of post gas, current down slope, burn-back time
* Choice of 2/4 times, spot operation
* Arc force, hot start, anti-stick devices
* Remote control connector
* Automatic torch recognition
* Check control at starting
* Storage on on-board E2PROM of the last 10 alarms
* Thermostatic, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protections
* Use with SPOOL GUN torch

Main characteristics:

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