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Folding-/cutting machine TAPCO MAX-20

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Article Code 30D-00899

Maker Tapco Weight 60 kg
Model MAX-20 Size 2,6 x 1,3 x 1,4 m
Ser. No 11372 Condition 7-8/10
Year Delivery Code 999-105027

Tool accessories

Floor stand (Max Snap) CUT-OFF unit (Max Cut)


Constructed from toughened aluminium and strengthened steel, the MAX-20 is low weight, powerful and easy to transport between jobs. Constructed using lightweight high-tech, anodized alloys for maximum strength, durability and portability. Patented Moving Pivot Hinge, enables quick and easy adjustment of the clamping tension on material. The CUT-OFF unit makes quality cuts in commercial sheet metals on MAX-20.

Bending lenght: 2,59 m

Bending capacity in Alu/Steel/Zinc: 1/0,7/0,8 mm

Throat: 480 mm

Mouth opening: 60 mm

CUT-OFF capacity Alu/Steel/Zinc: 1,2/1/1,2 mm

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