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Manual circular shear Schwartanns KSH1

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Article Code 30Ö-00864

Maker Shwartmanns Weight 128 kg
Model KSH1 Size 1,3 x 0,55 x 1,4 m
Ser. No 17308 Condition 8/10
Year 2007 Delivery Code

Tool accessories



The manually operated circular shears distinguish themselves by their easy operability. Interior and exterior contours are cut cleanly. It is driven by a handcrank on the top shaft. The round blank diameter is set according to the dimension scale. The blade is advanced by means of a handwheel and spindle. The cut gap can be adjusted quickly and easily by means of a setting ring with scale. The blade shafts are held in place by maintenance-free bearings.

Sheet thickness: 1,5 mm

Round blank diameter: 70-1000 mm

Blade overhang: 350 mm

Size: 1,3x0,55x1,4 m

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