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Telwin Digital Modular 400

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Article Code TW823017

Maker Telwin Weight 10,3 kg
Model Digital Modular 400 Size 440 x 100 x 185 mm
Ser. No Condition 10/10
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Tool accessories

Standard arms 120 mm


Microprocessor controlled, spot welding machine. It implements a new Fuzzy logic control system thatsimplifies its use and increases the spot welding quality. Suitable for spot welding of sheets with maximum thickness 2+2mm.
* automatic regulation of the spot welding current and time according to the material thickness
* choice between continuous and pulse operation (suitable for sheets with high yield points - high stress)
* arms pressure adjustable from 40 kg to 120 kg (with arms L= 120 mm)
* handgrip made out of thermic isolating material
* thermal protection.


Max spot welding current: 6300 A

Max absorbed power: 13 kW

Main fuse: 16 Amp

Max welding thinckness: 2+2 mm

Mains voltage: 400 V 2-phase

Max no load voltage: 2,5 V

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