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Column drill press HM SBM-32F AUT

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Article Code SC06320000

Maker HM Weight 350 kg
Model SBM-32F AUT Size 50 x 65 x 215 cm
Ser. No Condition 10/10
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Tool accessories

Spindle protection coolant kit LED lighting drillchuck 1-13 mm drillchuck arbor MT4/B16 morse taper sleeve MT4/MT3 morse taper sleeve MT3/MT2.


* Electromagnetic clutch for quill feeding.
Start/Stop of the automatic feed is handled by pressing the green buttons at the top of the feeding levers.
* Automatic reversing
* Very good work lights (diode lamp)
* Coolant pump, hose and nozzle
* Pivotally (R/L) worktable and vertical adjustable
* Clamping area at foot base

Max drilling capacity: 32 mm

Max tapping capacity steel/cast iron: M16/M22

Spindle throat from column: 300 mm

Max distance spindle nose-table: 720 mm

Max distance spindle nose-base: 1200 mm

Spindle taper: MT4

Quill stroke: 120 mm

Automatic quill feed: 0,1-0,18-0,26 mm/r

Spindle speed: 75-3200 rpm

Table size: 460x460 mm

Clamping are at foot base: 620x450 mm

Motor power (2-speed): 1,1/1,5 kW

Size WxDxH: ~0,5x0,65x2,15 m

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